Gospel Artiste A.JOHN Dares P.Square As He Releases A Love song To His Wife

YES, The anointed gospel music artiste A. JOHN releases a love song titled (Follow me) specially dedicated to his beautiful wife on their wedding day 4th November 2017. he said he can not see himself sing another man’s love song to his wife, that the anointing he has received from God is also for making love to his wife. here are his words.

” if my anointing can not satisfy my wife emotionally then ,i should start 40day and 40night fasting. my anointing is also to be a blessing to my wife emotionally”

A.JOHN , the multiple award winning artiste who had featured many top Gospel artistes like ASU EKIYE, CHRIS OGUGUA,REHMA and many others in his songs said, there is nothing wrong in been romantic to your wife even if it warrant you making a love song for her just like he has done.

He challenged flavor , P.square and the rest saying he can make better love songs more than they do.

“why will I start singing flavor or P.square songs to my wife when I can make even better one”

The Gospel music artiste A.JOHN who releases a hit single (SHOUT OF VICTORY) last year said he will be doing more of love songs since he just got himself a wife.

“so I can now make more love songs since I now have a reason, at least I have my wife to sing the love song to”

Multi talented gospel artiste A. JOHN said he will buy his wife 45 Bugatti, who knows how he plan to do so.

A.JOHN came on the stage with a love song every lady will like to hear , below are few lines of the song .

You’re my melody eh

bebe ibu egu mkpu na onu

say you be shining star

after God na you i know ohh


Haba, is he trying to tell us that his wife is more important than his parents?

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