New Release: Better World by Chris Abba Ft. Kriss David (mp3)

Christopher Abba is a song writer, a singer and a music director with real name (Uzoma Obumneke Christopher) from Imo State.

My music career started since 2009 when I recorded my first song titled “SHINE ON TOP OF THE WORLD”. I am a gospel singer as my music preaches of love and peace

Better world Lyrics


Keep your mind free from hate,
Fill your heart with love
For love will clean your mind and set you free.

Vs 1.
Why is there so much hate in the world?

Why must we live with hate amongst us?

The world was created out of love
And now the world’s been engulfed by hate
Oh no…….

Why don’t we embrace love because hate is too big a burden to bear

Why must we hate when all we need is love

Why should we hate when God himself is love

It’s only love that can conquer hate

Let’s embrace love and make a better world today.

Vs 2.

We are the ones to make this world a better place

Hate will bring division amongst us

Let us eschew hatred and bitterness and embrace love for God is love….

Love is the light we all need,

Where there is love , there is life o yeah….


Hate cannot bring joy into our lives ( but love can)

Let us eschew hatred and bitterness ( and embrace love)

For hate cannot drive hate away
Oh no…………


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Akoba Adaba Olorun ma jare,
Akoba Adaba, Olorun ma jare.


All the forces of evil black magic and malice (Olorun ma jare)

All spells and witchcraft, envy and anger ( Olorun ma jare)

Diabolic operations and evil possession (Olorun ma jare)

All that’s evil and sinful,
Sickness and madness (Olorun ma jare)

Oroto o mowo
Oroto umese
(Olorun ma jare)

Oro rederede
Oro jati jati ha
(Olorun ma jare)

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